Why clogged drains suck?

repair clogged drains

I don’t know if it just girls who feel this way or guys as well because I have sometimes visit my sisters studio apartment here in Riverside which is a great city by the way, if you have never been there before. It is pretty nice by the way. I would post pictures of her sweet pad here for everyone to see, but I learned from the past that sometimes that may not be a good idea especially when your a female. I don’t want to dive into the details, so lets just leave it like that. Going back to topic now, of course nobody likes having a clogged sink or bathtub period. It is such a nasty problem to have in your place of residence. Its just something that I find annoying. The water just sits there all wet, slimy while leaving a bad or foul smelling that can really ruin the mood and energy in a person’s place.

At first I ended up calling Water Damage Pro’s to repair clogged drains. My sister on the other hand she doesn’t mind to get her hands dirty. She is one of those girls who would not expect to be handy with her hands. She actually knows how to change a flat tire, jump start a car, or even get rid of clogged drains. I can actually learn a lot from my sister. She ended up clearing the whole clogged drain in the bathtub in less than five minutes. I would have to say, that I was impressed, she started to make me look bad but I guess she has always been the independent type. She likes to rely on no one but her self.

Here is a little bit of something I learned from her:

To trouble shoot, all you have to do is remove and clean the metal drain stopper. The tool you would have to use is a drain plunger, what this does is block the over-flow drain in the bathtub and the bathroom sink. Now if that does not work, then you will have to squeeze yourself underneath the sink. If your short like me, then it should be easy but if not, then good luck or you can always try hiring plumber. Then again, it can be pretty costly to hire a plumber or plumbing service but if you have the cash then go for it. Once you are underneath the sink in your bathroom, you will have to clean the drain stoppers to prevent clogs and you might have to use one of those hair strainers to trap the hair before it happens to go down the drain.

Most people end up flushing or draining things down their sink that don’t need to be there in the first place like cotton swabs, dental floss, baby or diaper wipes etc. The most harmful thing you can put down your pipes is grease or oil because that is bad goo goo. It can really give your plumbing a nightmare, everything in your place will be clogged.

So that are just some of a few tips to help you avoid all the troubles and nightmares I had to go through. Maybe after reading my post, you did not have to go through this hassle and if you did, it would of taken only one call like I did.

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